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Phone (352) 430-3456

12961 NE 72nd Blvd.
Lady Lake , FL 32162

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Leaders Of The Times: Pat Dempsey’s Beloveds Farm
Pat Dempsey, of Beloveds Farm, in Lady Lake, Fla., has been back in Arabians for just two short years—or long ones, if you count what all she has packed into them. She purchased her first mares in 1978, but around 2000, drifted away from the breed; in Colorado at 9,000 feet, where she lived, the demands of winter care for 45 horses took their toll. It would be 2006 before she decided that Florida was a more inviting climate for her one remaining Arabian, an old Bey Shah gelding who is still with her now at age 37, and the Miniature Horses she had acquired to satisfy her equine interests. Another seven years would pass before she found that she couldn’t resist the familiar lure of Arabians. Since then, however, it has been full speed ahead.
The result? One has only to look at the two fillies pictured for September on the Arabian Horse Times calendar. Beloved Vitoria Pearl and Beloved Divina Vitoria, born from the Scottsdale Auction breeding for Vitorio TO—Dempsey’s first purchase upon getting back in the business—illustrate the quality she always has sought. It is what she is rapidly becoming known for again.
“I know what type of horse I want to breed,” Dempsey says, “and my babies are really sought after. I have only nine [foals] and I’ve had people make offers on every one of them. I don’t want to sell them till I know what I’ve got.”
Beloveds Farm is now home to more than 16 Arabians, including mares, foals, youngsters and stallions, and Dempsey maintains show strings with trainers Andy Sellman and Ted Carson. After the Scottsdale Auction purchase, she also bought a few mares: Rohara MarcAlyssa, Rohara Via Donna, JP Extreme Obsession, Magnums Angel JD, and Ava Afire, and early in 2014, she added AP Sheez Sassy. Within three foals crops, she has assembled a serious population.
Here’s a sketch of her achievements and her plans for the future.
Key Mares
Rohara MarcAlyssa, show horse and broodmare, 4-year-old QR Marc daughter. Production: the Vitorio TO daughter Beloved Joy To Behold, who will represent her sire in the 2016 Scottsdale Auction Filly class.
Show career: 2015 Scottsdale International Bronze Champion Senior Mare and first place 3 & 4 Year Old Mare; 2015 Canadian National Top Ten Mare (one-half point from reserve champion). Previously a multi-titlist at the U.S. Nationals, Scottsdale, the ABHA World Cup and regionals.
Next booking: U.S. Nationals in Senior Mares.
Rohara Via Donna, a 5-year-old daughter of Ever After NA.
Show career: 2013 U.S. National Top Ten 3-Year-Old Filly and AHAF Thanksgiving Show Champion Mare
Production: Beloveds ViaTeyna BF (2014) and Beloveds Via Luna (2015).
Foals to show: Beloveds ViaTeyna BF, slated for 2015 U.S. Nationals in Yearling Fillies.
Magnums Angel, 11-year-old mare by Magnum Psyche.
Production: Beloveds MarcAngelo BF (2014), who is just entering training.
JP Extreme Obsession, show horse and broodmare, a 5-year-old daughter of JP Obsession.
Show career: In 2015, Top Five at the World Cup, Region 15 Champion Mare. Production: Beloveds Call To Glory (2014)
Next booking: U.S. Nationals in Senior Mares.
Ava Afire, a 9-year-old daughter of Baske Afire.
Production: Honor Me Noble BF (2013 by S Nobleman), then left open in 2014 to carry Beloveds Gracious Lady for AP Sheez Sassy.
AP Sheez Sassy. At 21, the daughter of Bey Shah is the senior member of the Beloveds broodmare band.
Production: Via embryo transfer, produced a “phenomenal” filly by Bey Ambition this year, Beloved Gracious Lady.
SVA Chats Pajamas, show horse and upcoming broodmare, a 2-year-old daughter of PA Pascal.
Show career: 2015 Scottsdale Champion Classic Fillies 2-Year-Olds April- December (unanimous), Region 15 Champion Junior Mare (unanimous)
Next booking: U.S. Nationals in Junior Mares.
The Stallions
Beloved One NA (Ever After NA x Margarita Psy, by Padrons Psyche).
Show career: 2015 Canadian National Champion 2-Year-old Jackpot Colt (unanimous)—with a score of 395.5, one of the all-time high totals. Also Region 12 Champion Colt (unanimous) and in 2014, U.S. National Top Ten Yearling Colt. Breeding: Bred for the first time this year; Dempsey has two mares in foal for 2016.
Honor Me Noble BF (S Nobleman x Ava Afire, by Baske Afire)
Stars Of Tomorrow
Started in training this fall:
Beloved Vitoria Pearl (Andy Sellman) Beloved DivinaVitoria (Andy Sellman) Beloveds Joy To Behold (Andy Sellman) Beloveds MarcAngelo BF (Ted Carson)
At The U.S. Nationals In 2015
Beloved One NA, U.S. National Junior Colts, with Andy Sellman. Rohara MarcAlyssa, U.S. National Senior Mares, with Andy Sellman. JP Extreme Obsession, U.S. National Senior Mares, with Ted Carson. SVA Chats Pajamas, U.S. National Junior Mares, with Ted Carson. Beloveds ViaTeyna, U.S. National Yearling Fillies, with Ted Carson.
Pat Dempsey takes her success in stride. After all, she’s been here before; her history with Arabians through the years is another story worth telling, but for now, she is focused on the future. “I just make my decisions from this moment to the next moment, based on the facts I have,” she says, trying to explain her process. It resists explanation, but so far, the facts are proving that her instincts run true.