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Elizabeth Sage Arabian Fine Art

483 La Plata Peak Drive
Twin Lakes, CO 81251
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Phone (520) 955-3339

483 La Plata Peak Drive
Twin Lakes, CO 81251

‘Magical. Spiritual. Soulful...’ these are the words I often hear to discribe the outcome of countless hours spent watching the paints upon my canvas unfold into nothing less than a story of a particular moment caught in time. I would like to share my palette with you as a peek into my creative process, and invite you to go on a creative journey through these words to attempt an answer to the question often asked: ‘how?”
I began painting again after having set aside this passion for over twenty years to work in the corporate field of graphic design. I still enjoy to see my works on food and product labels in airports, grocery stores, and business’s throughout the U.S.A. Still, I knew I could not stay away from what felt like a ‘calling’ to create what I felt inside. I won’t forget that moment of decision to leave the corporate office, and instead, pick up my pallet. I had returned to what I now call the ‘soul-self’, and I will never step away again.
I painted for many years ‘just for me’, an exporation of color, light, shadows and form. But, as I allowed my art to become more free and contemporary, I found myself being asked to create commissioned works. The quote: ‘do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life’, comes to mind. I reached further into new possibilities, and began to incorporate my signiture technique of using gold, sterling silver, and copper foils with 20 or more layers of the finest museum oils and resins to obtain a depth and life to each piece that invites the viewer to look deeper.
Looking out the giant windows of the main studio in the Colorado Rockies, it seems easy to become lost in the creative process. Except for the constant chirping of birds, and a gentle brush of a breeze, it is quiet. So quiet, I can reach beyond my own thoughts to a realm of feeling that is unbound by any learned technique. Here, it becomes an intuitive, or subconcious extension of not only myself, but also what I believe to be the very soul of my subject.
Now, portraying horses of all breeds is my primary passion, and full time career. I am obsessed with the beauty of these magnificent animals, as they have an incredible spirit within that literally glows on the outside - that glow, that spirit is what I strive to capture in my works. As I sit for many hours contemplating a particular horse, I reach beyond the obvious beauty we see in every horse. Beyond my own thoughts, even beyond those he is loved by, I await to feel their very presence in my own soul. I watch them in my minds eye until at last I begin to understand how the horse views himself. At last, I begin to see them upon my canvas, and almost as an observer, I watch as this feeling is brought to life, often surprised at the final outcome.

Finally, the answer to the question - THIS is what makes each portrayal so unique. It is the very soul of the horse we see - a glimpse caught on canvas not how we see him, but how he sees himself, his place both in our world, and his own.
For me, a portrayal of a beloved horse lives in our homes not just as an accurate portrayal of conformation, but the purity and essence of his soul. A keepsake that will last as long as our love for them.

I most humbly share these works with you, and invite you to visit often. Perhaps you will recognize some of these beautiful souls, as they, and many more to come dance through my studio to warm your heart with their essence of all things God.

Linda Anderson/Anderson Ranch:
“Your art just floors me. It’s one thing to be able to draw or paint, but you’re in a totally different league when you can capture a spirit or influence someone’s feelings with the works that you do.”

Mark Logan/Logans Run Arabians:
“Each one is so differant an unique. You are the only artist that does anything like this. Just amazing.”

Bud Gilbert/Skyhaven Arabians:
“What great works of love and admiration. The rendering is beyond belief; a touch of mastery and inner guidance. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.”

Karen Vinez Arabians:
“Elizabeth Sage is so talented and gifted. You won’t believe it! Go to her FB time line and see for yourself-she’s loved all over the world for her talent!”

For gallery and affordable portrayal information, please visit:
www.esagefineart.com / contact: E.sage7@gmail.com