Banner Advertisement

The banner advertisement is a randomly generated and positioned 200 x 200 pixel "tile" that is a large, highly visible ad set to appear on any page in the right-hand column (a page that isn't already devoted in its entirety to a single advertiser--for example the "Cover Story"), and can appear dozens of times to a single visitor to This premium position (top of the "home" page) ensures you get "first impression" rights to every visitor that comes to

See examples in the right-hand column of this page. has hundreds of pages of content, so your sidebar banner/tile ad can feasibly be seen hundreds of times by a single visitor to the site. By the same token, since the placement is random, your ad tile may not show up on a given page. These sidebar banners are $50 per month or as part of a package deal that includes a sidebar banner, Premium farm listing, unlimited use of the "Horses for Sale" section and a Stallion listing.

Special placement is available, at a premium price, for the header ad tiles at the top of the "home" page. There is a very limited number of these positioned ads, so act now if you think you might be interested. The exact position (tiles 1-5) are randomly generated, but are always specifically applied to the top of the "home" page. For example, when any given visitor comes to the "home" page, your "top-of-the-homepage" ad might be in position #5; when the next visitor enters, it might be in position #1, and so forth.

Pricing and details are available by contacting Rod Thompson by phone (865) 246-8904 or email at