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Tommy Garland Training Videos

Tommy Garland takes us through the process of starting a western horse, and shares the entire regimen from beginning to end--just as it occurs--a very honest way of showing how he goes about the training. He doesn't edit out the "bad takes". In his words to us at this year's Scottsdale show, we will see the process "warts and all."

[Day 1|video:yes][1]

[Day 2|video:yes][2]

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What is Saddleseat Riding?

by David Mikosz

Chances are even if you have some involvement with horses you may not have heard of the Saddleseat style of riding. Even if you have, you may not think of it as an equestrian discipline. This uniquely American style of riding was developed in the southern United States very early in our national history. The Saddleseat method of riding developed from plantation owners needing a saddle and manner of riding that was suited to the type of horses they were breeding. These horses were used to survey and inspect their expansive plantations. The property owners wanted mounts with comfortable gaits, speed, stamina, beauty and style.

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